Sunday, December 15, 2013

Dipped Leg Chair: Upcycling Furniture with Chalk Paint

Completed chair in its new home!

This chair was the first furniture redo piece that I've sold, and I love the story behind it!

This past spring, I bought several pieces from a woman who was liquidating her shop.

Needless to say, I loved this chair in its raw form and was excited to give it a new life.

This past summer, I posted a picture of the chair on my Facebook page, and one of my friends asserted that she just had to have it. I told her that I planned on refinishing it, and she replied that if I planned to sell it after I refinished to please contact her. Cindy had no idea of my plans: stain vs paint, colors, et cetera.

So my project began...

Without any dialogue with Cindy regarding my plans for the chair, I started painting it with Annie Sloan Old White chalk paint.

I started with the intention of giving it a white washed look: 2 parts paint to 1 part water to get a white washed look.

As I was painting it white, my intuition screamed that it needed to be grey and not white!

As Lexie and I texted back and forth during my DIY project, she thought the white would look great but that grey would look good too. Since I couldn't continue with the white because the color did not feel right, I switched to Annie Sloan Paris Grey.

After I painted the entire chair grey and then waxed it after the paint dried, I lightly distressed it with 220 grit sandpaper.

I love how the white subtly shows through after I distressed the grey paint.

After I finished painting and distressing the chair, I thought that a dipped leg would complete it, and minutes after I thought about dipping one leg, Lexie suggested a dipped leg after I texted her a picture of the painted chair.

However, even with Lexie's encouragement, following my intuition took some time. I kept thinking, "What if Cindy doesn't like it?" "What if it doesn't come out the way I imagined."

After several weeks, I took the plunge (I took the plunge mainly because my youngest had developed a 11-week-long, head-to-toe rash that I recently realized appeared 2 hours after I started using Annie Sloan Chalk Paint for the first time on 24 September 2013, so I felt the need to complete all the chalk paint projects and to get the chalk paint as well as the furniture painted with chalk paint out of my house).

Once the chair was completed with its Annie Sloan Duck Egg dipped leg, Lexie and I both loved it! After it was completed, I posted a picture of it on my Facebook page. When Cindy saw it completed, she said that she absolutely had to have it. She loved the chair with its dipped leg, and it matched her office decor perfectly (I have never seen the interior of her home so the outcome was completely serendipitous)!

When painting the dipped leg, I used Frog Tape to guarantee a clean line and then I brush on the paint below the tape. After the dipped leg was dry, I sealed the entire chair a second time with clear wax.

Not only do I love the story behind this chair and am so happy that this chair has an awesome new home, I also love the constant reminders from the universe for me to trust my intuition.

Much Love!


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